Super Fast Analysis
45 seconds

for a complete natural gas C6+ analysis.

Using backflush to detector technology:

  • Parallel foreflush and backflush analysis
  • Protects the GC column

A Mighty Miniature

More functionality in less volume

The compact Ex certified DynamiQ-X NG2210 analyzer contains 2 GC units (column ovens with GC control).

Contains 2 GC units

One GC unit detects C1-C2 and the other C3-C5 and C6+.

Top Level Accurary
0.025% CV
500 ppb component DL
ISO6976, GPA 2172, ASTM D3588

Designed for stability and robustness.

Low consumptions

The DynamiQ-X NG2210 can be configured for minimal carrier gas usage.

  • 12 ml He carrier gas usage per analysis
  • Typical 20 W power consumption
  • Whole instrument weight < 15 kg


Easy maintenance

Each instrument is equipped with an easily replaceable cartridge, containing 2 GC units with the analytical parts. There are no tubes or capillaries in the instruments which enhances the robustness.