Super Fast Analysis
30 seconds

for a complete gas composition analysis

Using backflush to detector technology:

  • Parallel foreflush and backflush analysis
  • Protects the GC column

A Mighty Miniature

More functionality in less volume

The compact Ex certified DynamiQ-X analyzer can contain up to 4 GC units (column ovens with GC control).

Contains up to 4 GC units

The number and type of GC columns is targeted to the customer application.

Top Level Accurary
500 ppb DL
0.1% RSD
0.01% CV

Designed for stability and robustness. Exact numbers depend on component and application.

Low consumptions

The DynamiQ-X can be configured for minimal carrier gas usage.

  • Typical 5 ml/minute carrier gas usage per GC unit during analysis
  • Typical 10 W power consumption per GC unit
  • Whole instrument weight < 15 kg

Easy maintenance

Each instrument is equipped with an easy replaceable cartridge, containing 1 to 4 GC units with the analytical parts. There are no tubes or capillaries in the instrument which enhances the robustness.


Sample Stream selector

  • 4 inlet ports standard
  • optional more streams external

The DynamiQ-X is equipped with an integrated 4-stream selector which allows to connect multiple sample gases and/or calibration gases. This integrated stream selector switches between the different inlets, so only 1 stream is let into the analyzer at a time. It is also possible to connect an external multistream selector (Modbus controlled).

Sample Pump

  • optional integrated
  • vacuum pump

In case of ambient pressure sample gas(es), 1 or 2 sample vacuum pumps can be integrated.

Multiple carrier Gases

  • 1 standard
  • up to 4 possible

There is standard one carrier gas port, but the GC analyzer can be configured such that each channel has a different carrier gas.

Data / reporting

  • modbus over RS485 or TC/IP
  • RS232

The autonomous running instrument generates data according to a user defined format. This can be MODBUS, ASCII or customer specific over LAN, RS232 or RS485. Besides, result reports can be generated.