Enabled by patented chip-to-chip technology

The DynamiQ micro GC gas analyzers are based on an innovative micro gas analysis platform with integrated micro injector and microTCD detectors including a miniature column oven, all packaged in a small analytical unit. The platform contains silicon chips made by patented MEMS and micro chip assembly technologies. It enables gas connections between chips and a micro-channels-chip without tube connections. In parallel, electrical and mechanical connections are made, with controlled heating. This results in a microscopic small flow channel structure with zero dead volume.

The chip platform is combined in the DynamiQ instrument with a manifold towards external connectors, such that there is no single tube or capillary in the DynamiQ instruments.

This technology not only miniaturizes gas analysis instruments but is also increasing the speed of analysis. The size, speed and quality enable instrument manufacturers and system integrators to enter new fields of applications.