GC analyzers from Qmicro power the world’s first process gas analyzer installed directly in a natural gas pipeline

Qmicro by Sensirion, the innovative OEM provider of miniaturized gas chromatograph analyzers, is proud to support MeterQ Solutions GmbH with its microGC technology. MeterQ, a solution provider in the natural gas industry, recently completed the world’s first installation of a process gas chromatograph directly in a natural gas pipeline. This achievement was realized thanks to Qmicro’s microGC technology, which is at the heart of the MeterQ solution.

MeterQ successfully installed the first ever process gas chromatograph (PGC) in a pipeline in a compressor station of one of its project partners near the German/Dutch border in northern Germany. The PGC measures 13 components of natural gas including C6+, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, with each separated by only one carrier gas (helium) in only 45 seconds. Thanks to the innovative microGC technology, the system could be designed without requiring a bypass channel. This means that natural gas emissions to the atmosphere are reduced by over approx. 95 % compared to conventional systems.

In addition to the ability to measure a wide range of gases at an ultra-fast measurement time, Qmicro’s microGC analyzers offer long-term autonomy thanks to their low carrier gas consumption and automated re-calibration. The ultra-compact form and explosion-proof housing means they can be installed at virtually any location. In addition, the innovative cartridge system ensures that the replacement of consumables is fast and easy. All of these aspects make Qmicro products an ideal solution for applications where natural gas properties need to be analyzed, such as custody transfer, bio-methane injection, hydrogen blend stations, etc.

“Qmicro’s GC analyzers are ideal for us due to their compact form and fast measurement time. In addition, the use of only one carrier gas reduces the complexity of our system and simplifies maintenance,” says Achim Zajc, General Manager at MeterQ. He further adds: “Qmicro’s analyzer allows for a design where no bypass is required. This means that natural gas emissions to the atmosphere are reduced for the most part. This is relevant, as natural gas has a 21-times larger effect on the climate than CO2.”

Qmicro by Sensirion has been a partner of MeterQ for many years, and is proud to take part in this project in particular by making an important contribution to a safe, fast and reliable process gas chromatograph on pipelines and reducing natural gas emissions into the atmosphere.