Internship: new thermal conductivity detector development

In Enschede, 25 colleagues work closely together, each with their own specialism. The organization can be described as informal and people-oriented. The lines are short, colleagues are helpful and accessible, and often fun activities are organized such as “Who can make the best spareribs” contest!

Working at Qmicro brings the best of two worlds together: the informal and small-scale setting in Enschede, supplemented by the professionalism and strong market position of the Swiss parent company Sensirion.



Mail a motivation letter and CV to (

About the internship

We are always looking for enthusiastic and skilled interns who, without doubt, will fit in our informal yet professional team. We believe that an intern can do great things and have fun in our stimulating high-tech environment where there is lots to learn and see with qualified guidance.

Qmicro’s gas analyzer is based on gas chromatography (GC). Here a sample plug is injected into a carrier flow through a separation column. The sample plug is separated into single components which are measured as changes (peaks) in the gas thermal conductivity. In this internship the student will work on a new differential thermal conductivity detector measurement concept. The signal processing used in this this concept should be designed and evaluated theoretical. Also, the feasibility should be checked based on available practical data and on a, to be build, proof of principle prototype. If the feasibility is proven the outcome of the work will be a concept design of a new microchip thermal conductivity detector.


  • Education level: BSc/MSc Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Nanotechnology or other relevant field
  • Location: Enschede
  • Starting date: Immediately
  • Period: To be discussed (e.g. 3 months)
  • Type: Internship


What will you get?

  • Competitive graduation allowance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Informal working environment, short lines of communication, people-oriented approach
  • Challenging and motivating environment


About Qmicro

At Qmicro a group of enthusiastic and passionate people work on their own product line of gas analyzers. These are instruments with which you can accurately determine the gas composition of a gas mixture. The key of these devices is that they use chip technology and special production methods that make them small, accurate and fast. And with this, Qmicro is conquering the market.

In a diverse and professional R&D team, they design all components themselves, from metal parts and electronics to their own microchips, and they develop their own analysis software. Qmicro instruments are high-end and high-performance, which is the reason they often have to pioneer. Everyone is helpful and easy to approach, so if you have a challenge you can always spar with colleagues to come to the best solution.

Because all facets of technology come together in the instrument, it offers you the opportunity to develop yourself in various areas. So, you are not only working in your own field of expertise. In addition, they not only design their own products, but also build and test the devices themselves so everything happens under one roof.

As of February 2021, Qmicro is part of the Swiss Sensirion AG, a leading supplier of digital microsensors and systems such as gas and liquid flow sensors, differential pressure sensors and air quality sensors. With their support and broad expertise, Qmicro has the unique opportunity to accelerate further growth and development.

That is why they are happy to welcome you to their informal team of smart engineers to together develop excellent high-tech products.

‘Let’s create the best gas analysis solution together!’